Sharon Zhou

: used for titles, salutations, explanations, definitions, lists, and type indication

I am

 :  the 1st Harvard graduate to have majored in Computer Science and the Classics.

 :  on a journey to cultivate myself and to become a better person.

 :  determined to change the world for the better.

 :  hoping to inspire others to do the same.

The only people who change the world
are those crazy enough to believe they can.
! used for emotional emphasis, loud volume, priority, and negation

Stanford University
PhD, Computer Science
Advised by Andrew Ng & Michael Bernstein
Focused on the deployment of novel AI systems for immediate real-world impact.

On weekends, I run Sidepact, a weekend program for employed engineers to start companies — cofounded with my amazing college friend, Kevin G. Sun.

Product & Engineering Experience
Google, Machine Learning Product Manager
Kensho, Product Management Consultant
Tamr, Product Manager & Sales Engineer
Intuit, Product Manager
KAYAK, Software Engineer

Harvard University
Joint B.A., Computer Science & the Classics
summa cum laude with Highest Honors
Phi Beta Kappa 'Senior 48'

Thesis joining CS & Classics (publication in top CS venue)
Sharon Zhou, Ivy Livingston, Mark Schiefsky, Stuart Shieber, and Krzysztof Z. Gajos. Ingenium: Engaging Novice Students with Latin Grammar. In Proceedings of the 34th Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '16), San Jose, CA, May 7-12, 2016

Led initiative to spark student-faculty interaction with Harvard’s Provost and Deans for $70,000, producing the Classroom-to-Table program: Press releases [1] and [2].

Selected to present my thesis at Harvard’s Celebration of Scholarships, an event for the most generous Harvard alumni donors to the Financial Aid program.

Teaching Fellow in Computer Science at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
// used for single-line comments, authority indication, and the quondam dash

Visualized the logic of Latin grammar into puzzle pieces for novices to learn more intuitively and engagingly. Think: Scratch for natural language. Play at Watch the video on the research behind it.

Began as a personal research project, published in ACM CHI, one of the top ranked computer science conferences in the world, and my undergraduate thesis. Collaborated with 4 Harvard professors, 2 in Computer Science and 2 in Classics.

Join Harvard
Search for extracurriculars at Harvard with an intuitive interface. Live at Collaborated with 4 other Harvard undergraduates over spring break, pitched to the CTO and sold to Harvard.

Reverse engineered Pacman in Node.js with players assigned to ghosts or pacman. Collaborated with 3 other Harvard CS undergraduates during the academic year.

Harvard Course Sectioning Tool
Rehaul (implementation and design) of the current course sectioning tool to reflect the interests of faculty and students alike. Collaborated with 3 other Harvard CS undergraduates during the academic year.

Community-centered chatting platform with semi-anonymity in Ruby on Rails, and python scraping from #isawyouharvard and #harvardfml. Collaborated with another Harvard undergraduate, and pitched to IDEO.

Graduate-level HCI research on commenting systems. As opposed to the traditional vertical interface on most sites, we present a horizontal interface with infinite horizontal scroll. Collaborated with a Harvard graduate student. Pursued publication in CHI.

Penchant for Privacy
Research on people's willingness to divulge sensitive information online, especially on impulse. Collaborated with another Harvard undergraduate during the academic year.
? used for interrogation, queries, boolean evaluation, uncertainty, and possibility

Email me.Email me at


I think we often underestimate simple punctuation marks, which contain rich storehouses of meaning and the nuances of which are context-dependent. While the question mark, for example, can indicate a negative feeling such as uncertainty, it is also able to express the positive feeling of possibility and even a neutral and emotionally independent interrogative, such as a database query.

tl;dr : I like to simultaneously embrace my inner
grammarian, programmer, and hipster.